Jennifer Louise Martin


Jennifer Louise Martin is a visual multi-disciplinary artist from London. Martin creates collages using magazine cuttings and her own photography as her source material to inform her large-scale mixed media paintings. which are charged with an underlying psychological process depicted through the materiality and language of paint. Martin is influenced by fashion photography and is an avid collector of vintage patterns and textiles, exploring hand embroidery, knitting and the manipulation of fabrics in her work.

Having studied Psychology, the human psyche and expression of emotion plays an important role in her work, highlighting how the conflict between our sub-conscious and conscious cognitive process can influence our contemporary being. Her most recent series of paintings displace the larger than life figures in order to create a sense of detachment and ambiguity, reflecting our various emotional states.

Jennifer has recently made her first short film, ‘Hear My Cry’. It further explores the narrative in her paintings and utilises her visual aesthetic in moving image, manifesting her story and its psychological dimensions on film. Jennifer’s paintings were used as both backdrops and inspiration for the set décor which brings together her skills as a multi-media artist.

Martin graduated with honours in Psychology and Neuroscience at Leeds University in 2003. She has also studied at Central St. Martins completing a Foundation course and a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art. In 2010 she qualified as a secondary school art teacher and is the founder of Artbuddies. She was part of the Turps Banana Art School in 2012, mentored by Marcus Harvey.  Martin has completed a residency at Vermont Studio Center, USA as well as in Berlin and Los Angeles. Having worked in the advertising industry before her teaching career, Martin enjoys collaborating with brands and has done so with MC Overalls, Laura Bailey & Bobbi Brown. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, LA, London & Ibiza.