Jennifer Louise Martin


MC Overalls x Jennifer Louise Martin

Limited edition collection of 8 hand-painted overalls by Jennifer Louise Martin, sold in the store in Soho, London.

The M.C. Overalls collaboration explores the language and materiality of layering, using painting, hand embroidery and knit to create a sense of history and repetition; reflective of a sense of being and who we are.

“As a painter, overalls are my daily uniform. I was attracted to the brand M.C Overalls as I share a mutual appreciation of wearing an all-in-one as a fashion-forward wardrobe staple, as well as the overalls being a blank canvas in themselves.”

The full collection in store

Archive overall in window of MC Overalls

Archive overall (detail)

Fragmented Memories

Perpetual Blooming

Self-fulfilling prophecy

See the neon light

Silver Lining

Textile works on paper exhibited in store

Laura Bailey & Zanzan Eyewear at Alex Eagle Studio, London

Art exhibition to launch the new Zanzan collection in collaboration with model Laura Bailey.
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‘Laura in Valentino’ 29 x 42cm, Acrylic on paper, 2017

‘Poolside’ 29 x 42cm, Acrylic on paper, 2017

Portraits in collaboration with Laura Bailey & Zanzan Eyewear, Acrylic on paper, 2017

Laura Bailey, Alex Eagle & Jennifer Louise Martin at launch party.

Jennifer Louise Martin and  her painting ‘Through the Mist’, 2016

Bobbi Brown

Launch of Artstick Lip Pencils.
Live painting in Selfridges and a portrait painting exhibited at the PR launch night in London.

Lip portrait, Selfridges, London

Portraits of Beauty Editors Lips at PR launch

‘Alice in Cassis’ 120 x 160cm, Acrylic and lipstick on canvas, 2014